Rachel Tranter


Allison Walsh

Wedding Party

Bridget Brenton


A long time friend of Rachel's, Bridget has been a picture of consistency, love, grace, and humor. She defines the phrase, 'friends who become family' and would drop everything if we needed her. We are so lucky to call Bridget friend!

Angela Charsha-Harney


Heart, soul, ability to have fun, arms...it's all defined by one word: strength. Angela is a rock. To Rachel and now to Allison too. She'll draw anyone in and has never met a challenge she couldn't defeat.

Lynn Dahm


As Allison's boys say, Lynn is Mama Bear One. She is kind, gentle, caring, genuine....she just 'gets' everyone. Simple, sweet, and sassy - we love our Lynn.

Shelley Jochims


Whether it's child, adult, animal, or idea - Shelley will become it's mother. She has so much love to give, her whole family can't even fit in a square picture... Her husband Greg, a childhood friend of Allison's, brought them together to start a lifelong friendship, and we are all grateful for who Shelley is.

Gogo (Denise) Johnson


Gogo - a name bestowed upon Allison's dear friend and neighbor by African children, the equivalent of beloved grandmother - is how she's known and loved. Her fire pit is always open to us, and we utilize it with ease. Gogo is selfless love in fiery human form. And talk about a love for Allison's boys...Gogo owns it.

Marita King


From coffee to champagne, waitresses to physician assistants, Marita and Rachel have grown up alongside each other, learning and laughing the whole way. Roommates, coworkers, study buddies, best friends, they've done it all, and Marita has remained steadfast and loyal.

Danielle Munson


Since childhood, Danielle and Allison have somehow managed to narrowly avoid many arrests, and we are all grateful the injuries they sustained together were minor. As an adult, Danielle has been the definition of a loyal friend to Allison and her boys and can bring a smile to anyone's face, despite the circumstance.

Twila Peitz


Oh Twila... Sincere, nurturing, thoughtful, and downright jolly. Her laugh will lift up an entire room, and when things get serious, she always comes through with advice and wisdom. Allison has been grateful to have Twila in her life for the past two decades, and their friendship has only grown in recent years.

Beth Pfohl


Always up for a good time, Beth knows how to make everyone feel included and like they are the most important person in a room. Family members and friends all run together as equals in her world, and Rachel has been oh so grateful to have weaseled her way into Beth's heart.

Marlis Robberts


Marlis first entered Allison's life when she needed a fiery and strong lawyer in the courtroom, but she has since become a true friend. Through thick and thin, Marlis has stood behind Allison - or maybe out in front of her - and we're both grateful for her presence in our lives.

Benjamin Brenton

Ring Bearer

As the one who always asks the most forward questions first, Ben makes fast friends with anyone he meets. He is smart, inquisitive, keeps you on your feet, and has been one of Rachel's main men for years.

Rainie Pfohl

Flower Girl/Child

Rachel and Rainie have been tight since she was wee, and it has been nothing but fun, toothy smiles, and belly laughs ever since. And just y'all wait - this one's going to be famous someday, and it's going to be awesome!

Henry Morris


From Allison: Where to start. Henry is brilliant, charismatic, witty, sometimes reserved, sometimes exuberant. He has a smile that fills his entire face. Strong willed like his mother, he wants to understand all parts of everything and will be processing it all, at all times. His heart is soft, and he will stand up for what's right, which makes everyone love him - especially small children and the older crowds. His talents are endless, and we can't wait to see where his journey takes him.

From Rachel: Henry may not talk quite as much as his older brother Jackson, but when he does, you better listen because he will slip in the funniest little statements. He is smart, clever, stylish, and has increased my movie knowledge by leaps and bounds. And my, my, my, the boy can dance! Love him forever.

Jackson Morris


From Allison: Jackson is the youngest old man I've ever met and my outdoorsman, I love. As my first born, he brought me into motherhood, and I will never ever forget the explosion of love I felt when he entered this world unexpectedly early. And my, my, my, nothing has changed. He rolls in when you least expect it, stands up with a strong will, and always wants to have the last word, which is sometimes a problem..... He is quirky and hilarious and would do anything for anybody. His soul is made of gold.

From Rachel: The first time I talked to Jackson on the phone, he asked me if I was coming to their house that evening to meet them. I asked him if he wanted me to come, and his response was, "Hell yeah!" I knew right away we were going to have countless hours of fun and laughter. J is laid back and silly but intense, smart and hilarious, and his dancing skills are second to none - well except Henry's maybe... Love this boy big time.

Catherine Walsh


Catherine is one of our main girls, and we are so thankful. She walks to the beat of her own perfectly timed drum and is always up for any kind of adventure. She is kind, accepting, beautiful, and will scold Jackson and Henry whenever they need it. We love our kitty Cat.
Angela Marzuki